Do It Scared

I was talking to my photographer bff Valerie of @Focal_Vibez (that's her at the bottom, #QUEENNN!), about an idea she had for a maternity session she was thinking about putting together for a mama she knows. As we talked she mentioned she had an initial idea for the look of the session but then dismissed it and felt like she didn't have anything else to go with for the session.

I asked her to tell me what the initial idea was and right away, I loved it! I told her she has vision, and if she sticks with that first thought she's going to kill it at that maternity session for that mama to be. Valerie has such an amazing eye for capturing people, it's so unique and I love everything she does. So, because I know you're reading this girl, I mean it! Go with that first idea! LOL!

Then it hit me, we're very good at hyping up the ideas and the work of those around us and telling them to go for it, but we never keep that same energy for ourselves and our ideas. We second guess and hold ourselves back from putting out and creating all of the amazing things that constantly take up space in our minds, that are just waiting to take flight.

I share allll of this because today

I realized that I do this A LOT!

I had the idea to photograph one of my model friends at one of those shipping container yards in an all-white dress for the longest time. I went back and forth with this and even looked at a few potential places where we could shoot at. However, I pushed the idea away thinking that the overall vision for the shoot wouldn't translate well in pictures, and thought it was just altogether silly.

A few months ago now, I got together with my model friend Lili and she helped make this little idea of mine come to life. She did an amazing job and I was so excited to finally capture this idea on camera. Well, it's November and I'm just now getting a hold of this courage to hit the publish button on this post.

The take away from this post, do it now and do it scared. Let's put our creative ideas on display and those who love it will appreciate your art and the ones that don't, well, they can always the channel.

Until the next post,

Cinthia Crook

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