An All White Christmas

I had decided on the look I wanted to go for with this years Holiday Mini Sessions sometime in the summer I believe. I've been in such a de-clutter and clean out mode since earlier this year that I knew I wanted the props and setup to be clean and light and easy and allow the focus to be 1000% on our families.

I searched through Pinterest to help me draw some inspiration for the props that I wanted to include and the style of bench I wanted to have for our families to sit on. Once I saved about 5-6 images that really helped me decide on what to get, the wheels were turning in my head on what to get and how to piece it all together. I'm so in love with the setup I might keep it in my little studio space until Spring (no shame over here!)

I was so excited to photograph the Hyacinthe Family for their mini session. They have such beautiful kids and I loved their energy together. Mama Hyacinthe mentioned during their session that it had been a couple of years since their last family photos, so it was an HONOR to be able to capture and update their family photos.

I know the big thing is to take and have family pictures done well before Christmas to send out and share with family and friends, BUT the holiday season goes well into the New Year. So don't give up on the idea of getting your family together and reaching out to your family photographer and scheduling that session.

Those beautiful and precious family moments are still worth capturing, andddd printing out wether it's December, January or even March (guilty of that right here!).

Until the next one,


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