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3 Cheers for the Birthday Boy!

I remember when I was at the hospital about to deliver Anderson (literally about to start pushing the boy out) I turned and looked at Jamal and said, "How funny would it be if Anderson comes out with chocolate skin like yours?" to which he responded with, "Well, we're about to find out." We both laughed and got ready to deliver our sweet guy. After what felt like an eternity, I heard the doctor say, "Open your eyes and look at your baby boy!" I kid you not, the first thing out of my mouth was, " I told you he was going to be chocolate like you!" El-oH-El

This is usually how pictures start with him. Not with it!

That was Monday, December 5, 2016, around 10:00 a.m. He was born a week before his due date, and was our scariest (just for a few moments) delivery of the three. When I first arrived, they were monitoring my contractions and said that I wasn't dilated enough to stay, but that his heart rate dropped with each contraction I was having so they wouldn't be sending me home.

The many faces of Anderson David

After a few hours had passed, one of the doctors that came in suggested we start pushing. The only problem with that was that my water hadn't been broken yet! So as soon as I started to push, Anderson's heart rate dropped to a scary 45 bpm and was not rising back to its normal rate. In what seemed like a matter of seconds, our entire room was filled with more doctors and nurses in an attempt to get baby boy's heart rate back up.

I immediately start freaking out, asking God to keep baby boy and get his heart rate back to normal. A few minutes later (another eternity later), the doctor that came in initially suggesting that I start pushing walks over to my side and lets me know that his heart rate is rising but that if it drops that low again they'll have to perform an emergency c-section. "The devil is a liarrrrrrrrrr!", I thought, this baby is coming out the way this almost 10 centimeter body of mine was preparing itself to deliver!

To end the story here, after his heart rate went back to normal and a few more long hours had passed, I was able to deliver baby boy naturally and without any other complications. My sweet chocolate drop had finally made his appearance. Not as loudly as his sister had, but he definitely made his own grand entrance. By peeing on his mommy of course.

I'll probably share a few pictures from his first week of life in a later post, but for now enjoy these from his yearly birthday session.

Until the next one,



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